The Seventh Sign artwork created by Tarlan

The Seventh Sign


Abby Quinn
Russell Quinn    
The Boarder
Father Lucci
Demi Moore
Michael Biehn
Jurgen Prochnow
Peter Friedman
Manny Jacobs
John Taylor


Centuries ago it was foretold that the advent of the Apocalypse would be heralded by Seven Signs from God.

A priest watches while a stranger delivers each revelation foretold in the ancient prophecies. The signs are leading the priest and the stranger to one woman.

I    On a Haitian beach, sea life of every form washes ashore dead.
II   An Israeli desert village is discovered frozen in ice.
III  A Nicaraguan river runs with blood.
IV  An unexpected eclipse turns the sun dark as the moon becomes red.
V   From the sky, nature pours out destruction.
VI  When an innocent martyr is executed, only one sign remains.
     Time is running out.
     Revelation is at hand.
     The fate of the world rests with one woman's hope.
VII Only she can change the course of THE SEVENTH SIGN.

Basic synopsis

Abby Quinn is expecting her first child. To help financially, she and her husband, Russell, take in a boarder. This man is not all that he seems and through a series of flashbacks, Abby discovers that she is the frightened woman who refused to die in place of Jesus. As all the signs of the apocalypse come to pass, she learns that the priest assigned by the Vatican to follow the chain of events, Father Lucci, is actually the centurion who mocked Jesus, paying for his crime with eternal life on Earth, unable to die and find peace. He sees the end of the world as the end of his punishment and strives to see the last innocent martyr, Jimmy, executed. As he dies, an earthquake shakes the world.

Upon Jimmy's death, all that remains is the Seventh Sign, the first child born without a soul. Abby and Russell's child. As she goes into labor, the Boarder appears through the dust in the emergency operating room and asks Abby the same question she was asked two thousand years earlier... Would you die for 'him', her child.

She says YES... and the seemingly stillborn child begins to wail as the 'hall of souls' is filled once more. Abby sees her newborn son, held in her husband's arms... smiles and dies, leaving her husband to mourn her even as he cradles the new life in his arms.