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Adventure Inc


Judson Cross
Mackenzie (Mac) Previn
Gabriel (Gabe) Patterson    
Michael Biehn
Karen Cliche
Jesse Nilsson


The series is set in modern times. It is an fun action-adventure series very loosely based on real-life explorer Barry Clifford, an expert in salvaging sunken artefacts. The series has a supernatural element which adds to its appeal. The characters are based on a ship called the Vast Explorer which allows them to travel all over the world seeking adventure and lost treasure/artefacts.


Bride of the Sun
Momento Mori
Beyond the Missing Link
Message from the Deep
Village of the Lost
The Fate of the Liverpool Flyer
Curse of the Neptune
Magic of the Rain Forest
Fatal Error
The Plague Ship of Val Verde
Secret of the Sand
The Angel of St. Edmunds
Echoes of the Past
Legacy of a Pirate
The Search for Arthur
Wave of the Future
Spirit of the Mask
The Man Who Wouldn't Be King
The Last Crusader of San Giovanni
The Price of the Oracle
Point of No Return


Judson Cross (Michael Biehn), leader of a team of adventurers aboard his exploration yacht, Vast Explorer.

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Mackenzie Previn (Karen Cliche), an independent and resourceful member of the team with a mysterious past and an unsettling knowledge of weapons and explosives.

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Gabriel Patterson (Jesse Nilsson), 22-year-old electronics whiz - and son of a U.S. senator - determined to follow his own path.

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