Clockstoppers artwork created by Tarlan



Zak Gibbs
Dr. Earl Dopler      
Henry Gates
Dr. Gibbs
Jenny Gibbs
Kelly Gibbs
Jesse Bradford
French Stewart
Paula Garcés
Michael Biehn
Robin Thomas
Garikayi Mutambirwa
Julia Sweeney
Lindze Letherman
Jason Winston George
FLinda Kim


Earl Dopler is at the airport, incognito, desperately trying to get a ticket out of the city/country. He almost makes it but, suddenly, he is moving without colitin to the airport exit. He lands inside a dark van and realizes he has been caught. Henry Gates looks back at him and demands the item he stole - a quantum watch that can accelerate a person, making them almost invisible to the naked eye.

Under 'interrogation', Dopler reveals that he gave the watch to his old Math professor as he needed his help to resolve the mathematics required to stabilize the time dilation and prevent the accelerated person from aging during the process.

The rest of the story follows Zak Gibbs as he tries to rescue his father from Henry Gates, with the help of Earl Dopler and a girl he has just met, Francesca.