Curfew artwork created by Tarlan

Curfew 1.02 - Roadkill Jim


Roman Donahue     
Simon Donahue
Jenny Donahue
Meg Donahue
Kaye Newman
Joker Jones
El Capitano
The General
Roadkill Jim
Michael Garwick
Ruby Newman
Faith Palladino
Ike Bennett
Adrian Lester
Andi Osho
Jessye Romeo
Phoebe Fox
Billy Zane
Jason Thorpe
Guz Khan
Sean Bean
Michael Biehn
Malachi Kirby
Aimee-Ffion Edwards
Thaddea Graham
Rose Williams
Elijah Rowen


The race is on and the road ahead is packed with dangers. The Donahues face up to a huge setback. Things go wrong on the Thames.

This episode gives a few more glimpses into the various teams and is a flashback to the past. We see Roadkill JIm being worshipped as he climbs into his super car. When the race gets underway there is mayhem initially as everyone rushes to get out of the starting building first. The co-ordinates for the finish point to the most northern tip of Scotland. The first obstacle is getting across the River Thames. Roadkill Jim storms into the lead and makes it to Tower Bridge first. As he approaches he can see headlights, which turn out to be the security forces ensuring everyone obeys the curfew. They fire a single shot through the windscreen hitting Roadkill Jim in the chest and killing him. Other leaders are also killed and the rest turn back to find another way across the Thames.