Deadfall artwork created by Tarlan



Joe Dolan
Mike/Lou Dolan
Morgan "Fats" Gripp      
Michael Biehn
Sarah Trigger
Nicolas Cage
James Coburn
Peter Fonda
Charlie Sheen
Talia Shire


Joe comes a family of Grifters, people who set up others so they can gain their money. During one such operation, Joe accidently kills his father when the blanks in his gun turn out to be real bullets - and everything goes wrong. He discovers his father had an estranged twin brother, Lou, and Joe agrees to carry out his father's dying wish to recover something valuable that Lou stole from him years earlier. Joe seeks him out. Unexpectedly, he discovers that he likes his Uncle Lou and agrees to help him with another sting.

Joe hooks up with Diane, falling in love with her, and with Eddie - a psychopath who later tries to kill him. He learns that a woman was the cause of the brothers' estrangement, learning that both fell in love with the same woman, Joe's mother, who was killed during a sting. As the story progresses, he learns that his father stole his mother from Lou and Mike blamed his brother for her death.

The sting goes down, and is almost identical to the one that got his father killed, except Joe discovers that this was a sting on his uncle, with Diane playing a part in it. Lou is shot dead, and Joe's father appears, having faked his death at Joe's hand. Joe is so disgusted and distraught at being made a pawn in his father's game for revenge that he walks away from his father, the money, and the life they led.