From Darkness artwork created by Tarlan

From Darkness


Agent Doug Albright
Josh Clements
Young Josh Clements      
Sarah Barclay
Julia Tanner (Foster Mother)
Arnold Tanner (Foster Father)
Security Guard
Michael Biehn
Oliver Williams
Andy Scott Harris
Hallie Cowles
Jennifer Blanc
Tom Proctor
Jesse Blanco


A foster child is pushed to his limits and develops a telekinetic defense mechanism. A short film dedicated to abused children everywhere.

The short film begins with the arrival of Agent Doug Albright and several agents at an institution. He seems to be a little anxious. He meets a young man in an interview room and relates a story to the man, showing him crime scene photos of two dead people. In his 'story' Josh Clements is just a young boy when he enters the foster home of Arnold and Julia Tanner. He befriends a younger girl called Sarah, who is about 5-6 years old and also being fostered by the Tanners, giving her a small statuette of Jesus Christ for 'protection'. Unfortunately the Tanners are not nice people and Arnold Tanner is a pedophile with a preference for young girls. Julia seems to share his predilection, at least voyeuristically, and on her husband's silent command she sends Josh into the cellar on the pretence of getting trash bags only to lock him in. When Josh hears Sarah's frightened cries he tries throwing himself against the door but it won't budge and something inside him 'breaks open' and the bolt slides open as if moved by an unseen force. Josh attacks Arnold to pull him off Sarah and is beaten severely. As he is lying bloodied and beaten close to Sarah, he reaches back a hand as Arnold approaches to hurt him again and the same unseen force throws both of the Tanners backwars to strike the wall and kitchen sink.

Agent Albright remarks that their bones were crushed/broken and their DNA changed. He adds that its is similar to a string of murders and he believes that it was caused by someone with telekinetic power. The younger man asks how he can know this is the people are dead and Albright mentions that Sarah survived and finally talked after all these years. Albright asks the young man if he is Josh Clements; he says no, so Albright packs up the case notes and starts to leave, but before he goes he places the small statuette of Jesus Christ onthe table and says Sarah no longer needs its protection. He leaves the room and heads back to watch the video feed.

On the video feed Albright and his agents watch as the young man stands up next to the table. Before their eyes they see the statuette slide across the table into the man's hand. This is Josh Clements and he has telekinetic power. As Albright orders his agents to surround the building and prepare to take down Josh Clements, Josh raises a hand towards the video camera and the feed cuts off.

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