Hog Wild artwork created by Tarlan

Hog Wild


Tim Warner
Angie Barnes
Gil Lasky
Colonel Warner          
Michael Biehn
Patti D'Arbanville
Tony Rosato
Matt Craven
Angelo Rizacos
Jack Blum
Sean McCann


This is a sweet romantic comedy.

Tim Warner is expelled from military academy after a girl climbs through his window at reveille and he is caught with her in his arms - helping her. He returns home and is enrolled in the local high school. He makes friends quickly but also becomes the target of the local 'bullies', a bike gang. He seems to come up against them time and again. The first day he arrives at the school, he parks his yellow sports car only to be told that the space is reserved for the bike gang. The group arrives, riding 'hogs' and Tim is forced to move his car.

Later, they accost him in the queue in the cafeteria, and then while he is playing pinball, saying that the gang leader wants to play a game on that particular pinball machine. Lunchtime, he is seated at a table and the gang 'joins' him but only to mock him. They try to get a rise out of him by pushing paper plates of food onto his head but he does not react. He decides to head home and while reversing he accidentally clips one bike and the whole lot fall over like a dominos.

In the meantime, he has noticed the leader's pretty girlfriend, Angie, but she ignores him. Later, his car has goes missing and a gathered crowd leads him back where, looking up, he finds his car 'hanging' from the flagpole.

His car is brought down and while he is out driving around, he spots Angie's bike and stops. Investigating, he finds a pile of clothes and realizes she is skinny dippping. She sees him but can only watch as he gathers up her clothes and leaves. When she arrives back at the gang's headquarters, wearing only a garbage bag for modesty, the gang agree to retaliate some more. They overhear arrangements for a 'party' and invade it, leaving Tim and his male friends tied up, partially undressed. The next day, a cement truck unloads right into his car as he is sitting at the traffic lights.

That evening, Tim goes to see Angie at the Honey factory where she works part time. They talk for a while and Angie pushed Tim. He falls into one of the huge vats of honey and pulls Angie in after him. They both see the funny side of it, end up stripping and making love in the vat of honey.

Bull, whose mumbles can only be translated by Bean, is upset at losing his girlfriend to Tim but the famous 'hog wild' race is about to take place. Tim asks Angie to teach him to ride her hog so he can enter and beat Bull and his gang. On the day of the race, Tim and Bull are so involved with besting each other as they ride towards the finish line that they knock each other off their bikes. Before they can get back on the race is won by the least likely bike rider on a moped. Seeing the funny side, they stop fighting. Bull accepts that Angie wants Tim. He and Tim decide to put their petty grievance behind them.