Alphabetical List of Credits

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24 Hour Rental Buzz
Abyss, The Lt. Hiram Coffey
  Under Pressure: The making of The Abyss Himself
Adventure Inc. Judson Cross
  ALIENS Cpl. Dwayne Hicks
  Aliens: Colonial Marines (Video Game) Cpl. Dwayne Hicks
  Alien Evolution Himself
  The Alien Saga Himself
  Making of Alien 3, The Himself
American, The Nick McGuire
American Dragons (Double Edge) Det. Tony Luca
Arnold Schwarzenegger: Hollywood Hero Himself
Art of War Robert Bly
Asteroid FEMA Director Jack Wallach
Bereavement Jonathan Miller
Blood Bond, The (Shadowguard) John Tremayne
Blood of the Hunter (Le sang du chasseur - Tales of the Wild TV series) Philip Thornton
Borderline Macy Kobacek
Chain of Command Craig Thornton
Cherry Falls Sheriff Brent Marken
China Rose Daniel Allen
Clockstoppers Henry Gates
Coach Jack
Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun Commander Michael McNeil
Conundrum (Frame By Frame) Stash Horvak
Crash (Breach of Trust) Casey Woods
Criminal Minds  
  4.14 - Cold Comfort Det. Ron Fulwood
  1.02 - Roadkill Jim Roadkill Jim

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Dark Blue  
  1.07 - O.I.S Lt. Jay Fry
Dark Forest, The Peter
Deadfall Joe Dolan
Deadly Intentions Dr. Charles Raynor
Dead Men Can't Dance Robert Hart
Deep Red Joe Keyes
The Directors: James Cameron Himself
The Directors: William Friedkin Himself
Divide, The Mickey
Dragon Squad Petros Davinci
  4.15 - The Athlete Jake McAlister
Fan, The Douglas Breen
Far Cry and Trials (Video Game)
  Far Cry 3 - Blood Dragon Sgt. Rex 'Power' Colt (voice)
  Trials of the Blood Dragon Sgt. Rex 'Power' Colt (voice)
Fire in the Sky, A Tom Rearden
From Darkness Agent Doug Albright
Girl, The Father
Grease 'Mike' Uncredited
Grindhouse: Planet Terror Sheriff Hague
Havoc Stuart Lang
Hawaii Sean Harrison
Hidden in the Woods Oscar Crocker
Hill Street Blues Off. Randall Buttman
  5.05 - Bangladesh Slowly  
  5.04 - Fowl Play  
  5.03 - Rookie Nookie  
Hog Wild Tim Warner
In A Shallow Grave Garnet Montrose
Insatiable, The Strickland
In The Kingdom of the Blind... Jackie Ryan
Jacob Lawrence Kell
Jade Det. Bob Hargrove
James at 15 Tony
K2 (K2: The Ultimate High) Taylor Brooks
Killer Weekend Dr. Carol

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Law & Order - Criminal Intent  
  6.08 - The War At Home Leland Dockerty
Law & Order - Organized Crime  
  3.15 - The Wild and the Innocent David Carver
Legend of Butch & Sundance, The Mike Cassidy
Legend of Darkhorse County, The Future Jon Ford
Logan's Run  
  1.01 - Pilot Sandman
Lords of Discipline, The John Alexander
Magnificent Seven, The Chris Larabee
Mandalorian, The  
  2.05 Chapter 13: The Jedi Lang
Martyrdom of St. Sebastian, The Sebastian
Megiddo: The Omega Code 2 David Alexander
Metal Hurlant  
  2.01 - Whiskey in the Jar Sheriff Jones
Mojave Moon Boyd
Navy SEALS Lt. James Curran
Night of Lead, The (Die Nacht aus Blei) Eselein
Night Visitor Movies  
  The Night Visitor Agent Walker
  The Night Visitor 2 - Heather's Story Agent Walker
Paradise Connection, The Larry
Praise the Lord Himself
PSYCH:9 Det. Marling
Puncture (Injustice) Red
Rampage Anthony Fraser
Red Handed Reynolds
Ride, The Smokey Banks
  Also: Story Consultant  
Rock, The SEAL Commander Anderson
Runaways, The (Operation: Runaway) Mark Johnson

| A-CD-KL-RS-Z |
Saving Grace B. Jones Landy Bretthorse
Scorpion King 4, The - Quest For Power King Yannick
Seventh Sign, The Russell Quinn
Shadow Effect, The Sheriff Hodge
She Rises Daddy Longlegs
Silver Wolf Ranger Roy McLean
Spin (You Are Here) Tony Russo
Steeletown Gibby Anderson, Bill's brother
Stiletto Lee
Strapped Det. Matthew McRae
Streets of Blood FBI Agent Michael Brown
Susan's Plan (Dying to Get Rich) Bill
Sushi Girl Mike
Take Me Home Tonight Bill Franklin
Tapped Out (Tapped) Reggie
Taste For Killing, A Bo Landry
Terminator Movies  
  Terminator, The Sgt. Kyle Reese
  The Making of The Terminator Himself
  Other Voices: Creating The Terminator Himself
  T2 (Terminator 2) Sgt. Kyle Reese (deleted scenes)
  T2: More than Meets the Eye Himself
Terrible Secret, The - ABC Afterschool Specials Seth
They Wait Blake O'Connell
Timebomb Eddie Kaye
Tombstone John 'Johnny' Ringo
Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Himself
Treachery Henry
Victim, The Kyle
Walking Dead, The  
  11.13 - Warlords Ian
When Muscles Ruled The World Himself
Yellow Rock Tom Hanner
Zuma Beach JD