James at 15 artwork created by Tarlan

James at 15


James Hunter
Lacey Stevens       
Alan Hunter
Meg Hunter
Lance Kerwin
Melissa Sue Anderson
Kate Jackson
Linden Chiles
Lynn Carlin
Michael Biehn


James is a daydreamer who has turned 15. He is in love with a girl, Lacey, but she was more interested another older boy (Tony), played by Michael Biehn, who seems to be the school's cool kid with the car and prestige. He's not unkind to James but James sees him as a rival nonetheless. When James's father has to move to the city for work, James does not want to go. He tries the city high school but hates it. Eventually, he decides to run away, wanting to go back to Lacey. Along the way, he meets up with a girl, Robin, who is drifting. They stick together and, eventually, she persuades him to go back home.