The Legend of Darkhorse County artwork created by Tarlan

The Legend of Darkhorse County


Future Jon Ford
Future Sheriff McElroy
Kat Sawyer
Anna Rothschild
Jane McElroy
ChaChi Bishop
Joy Bishop Ford
Present Jon Ford
Present Sheriff McElroy        
Devin Rothschild
Kelly Burns
Agent Silas
Kate McElroy
Preslee Bishop
Michael Biehn
Lee Majors
Jennifer Blanc-Biehn (as Jennifer Blanc)
Niece Waidhofer
Grace Powell
Chachi Gonzales (as Olivia 'Chachi' Gonzales)
Tory Taranova (as Tory Tompkins)
Shawn Welling
Lee Patrick Gailey
Larry Wade Carrell
Nick W. Nicholson
Erin Elizabeth Reed
Bob Boudreaux
Lauren Leal
Preslee Tucker


As Jon (Shawn Welling and Michael Biehn) and Joy Ford (Tory Tompkins) move into the small town of DarkHorse, mysterious and supernatural occurrences threaten to tear the town apart. Teenage girl abductions and a chain of serial killings force good ol' boy Sheriff McElroy (Lee Majors and Larry Wade Carrell), the town's rugged symbol of justice, to use any means necessary to keep his beloved town from tumbling into chaos, and when Joy's nieces (Chachi Gonzales and Presley Bishop) are kidnapped, they must race to find the abductor, and in turn come face to face with a monster.