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The following links are to websites that may be of interest to fans of Michael Biehn. However, I can accept no responsibility for the content of those other websites. I do try to check the links from time to time to ensure the links are still active but if you do find a broken link then please let me know so I can remove/replace that link. Also, if you would like to suggest a site to add to this page then please contact me.

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Other Fiction Sites

Archive of Our Own - Use the menu to hunt for MB's TV shows/Movies
Blackraptor: Magnificent 7
Cathy's Basement

Fan Communities

Michael Biehn - on DREAMWIDTH
Mag7DayBook - on Dreamwidth

Information Sites

Michael Biehn's official TWITTER
The Biehn Team

Artwork Sites

Art by X

Collectibles Sites

The Far, Far Away Site
A Wrinkle in Time

Co-stars and Other Actor Sites