The Lords of Discipline artwork created by Tarlan

The Lords of Discipline


Will McClean
Colonel 'Bear' Berrineau     
General Bentley Durrell
John Alexander
Tradd St. Croix
Mark Santoro
Dante Pignetti
David Keith
Robert Prosky
G D Spradlin
Michael Biehn
Mitchell Lichtenstein
John Lavachielli
Rick Rossovich
Mark Breland
Malcolm Danare
Bill Paxton
Judge Reinhold


Based on Pat Conroy's novel, The Lords of Discipline' set around 1964. Will McClean is a cadet within the Carolina Military Academy. He is asked by 'Bear' to protect a fellow cadet from the attentions of a sinister secret group called 'The Ten'. The Ten work within the academy to 'force out' those that are deemed unfit to graduate, and thereby gain the precious academy ring. This duty puts him in a terrible position that affects the lives of him and his three room mates, Tradd, Mark and Dante.

The Ten drive another 'unfit' cadet, Poteete, to make a dangerous leap that results in Poteete's death. When they finally get hold of Pearce, the academy's first black cadet, Will confronts The Ten, discovering that it is led by one the academy's best cadet's, John Alexander. The final betrayal is learning that his best friend, Tradd, is also one of The Ten.