Megiddo - Omega Code 2 artwork created by Tarlan

Megiddo - The Omega Code 2


David Alexander
Stone Alexander
Gabriella Francini
Col. Rick Howard
President Richard Benson      
The Guardian
Daniel Alexander
Michael Biehn
Michael York
Diane Venora
Gil Colon
R. Lee Ermey
Udo Kier
David Hedison


The story begind with the death of Stone Alexander's mother soon after she gives birth ot his brother David. Stone blames the baby for his mother's death and tries to kill him. He is sent away to a military academy where he meets and proposes marriage to Gabriella Francini. Stone's father, an extremely wealthy media magnate, and his brother David come to see him graduate, and David meets and falls in love with Gabriella.

Years pass and David is Vice President of the US at the time when his brother comes to power, as a leader in his own right. Stone has aspirations of taking over the whole world and he murders their father, when Daniel Alexander tells Stone of his plans to give away his media empire. Stone inherits most everything and, when hsi attempts to dominate the world meets with resistance from David, he uses doctored footage to make it look as if David is the murderer.

On the run, with the President dead (murdered by Stone) and David acting as President, David is drawn to a church in a war zone and 'sees the light'. He realizes it is a holy war, that they are approaching Armageddon, the final battle of good against evil. Deciding that he cannot allow more people to die becuase of his brother, David goes ot meet Stone, intending to kill him. Instead, he is captured and beaten. As Stone calls on supernatural forces to win this final battle, he reveals his true self to David. His brother, Stone, was taken over by 'Lucifer/Satan' as a child and this creature shows itself to David. He picks up David and tears into him with his talons, dropping him to the ground. David prays for salvation and his prayer is answered as 'the Nazarene' (Jesus) sweeps away the dark forces and heals David.