The Runaways artwork created by Tarlan

The Runaways


Steve Arizzio (Psychologist)     
David McKay
Mark Johnson
Sergeant Grady
Alan Feinstein
Robert Reed
Karen Machon
Michael Biehn
James Callahan
Patti Cohoon


The series is about a psychologist who searches for Runaways. In the pilot he is David McKay (Robert Reed) and he has legal guardianship over Mark Johnson (Michael Biehn) who was once a runaway too.


First Season (known as Operation: Runaway)

01 No Prince for my Cinderella
02 Melinda and the Pinball Wizard
03 Lies We Live With
04 Too Young To Love

Second Season (known as The Runaways)

01 Dark Side of the Road
02 Wrong Way Street
03 Screams in the Night
04 Land of Honey
05 Dreams of My Father
06 (unknown title)
07 They'll Never Forgive Me
08 Breaking Point
09 Street of Terror part 1
10 Street of Terror part 2
11 False Images
12 Forty-eight Hours To Live