The Magnificent Seven 07
The Collector

Opening Scene:

Opens with four men riding into Nettie Well's place. Nettie hands her young niece a gun and tells her there are six bullets -- and to save the last one for herself, if need be. Nettie goes outside holding her Spencer carbine.

The leader of the men is Guy Royal, a local rancher. He pushes passed Nettie and gets inside the house and decides that Nettie is going to make him a 'gift' of a hepplewhite chair -- which once belonged to Nettie's mother. He takes the gun off a frightened Casey. His men tear down Nettie's corral fence and they take the Bay and Sorrel horses, a music box and the chair.

Casey throws a stone at the receding man, which strikes him in the back, and tells him to rot in hell.

Clarion News Office:

Mary pours coffee for Nettie while she tells Mary, Vin and Chris what happened.

Vin: Why's he need a little parcel like yours?

Chris -- wearing a light gray shirt -- take the map off the wall and lays it down, pointing to an area and asking if it was Nettie's place. He then notes all the other ranches that Royal has bought up in recent months, and they are all in a straight line. Chris looks at Vin.

Chris: All in a line. Must be where it's gonna come when it comes.
Nettie: When what comes, Mr. Larabee?
Chris: The railroad.

Outside, Casey stops JD from entering the Clarion office, saying there is a meeting going on. They 'talk' and Casey challenges JD to a horse race. The door opens and Chris steps out.

Buck has sauntered over too and Chris asks him if he would be willing to partake in a little show of force. He tells Buck to ride out to Royal's ranch. In meantime, Vin escorts Nettie across to the hotel.

Josiah is riding past as part of this little show of force and he spots a poster going up at the saloon. He stops to look at it. Vin halts and looks back and asks Josiah if he is ready now. Josiah says yes, but insists that nothing is going to keep him out of town on Saturday. When Buck asks why, Josiah refuses to answer.

They reach Royal's ranch and Vin takes the lead, telling Royal he wants Nettie's property returned.

Royal: I believe in the 3 G's. God, Guns and Get the hell off my property
Vin: That's nice. Now I'm going to tell you how it is. I believe your men ain't good enough to face us, and you're just a coward that threatens old women. So, soon as you give us what we came for we'll get the hell off your property.

Royal concedes and gives back the horses and other items, with Vin snatching the music box from Royal's hand. He mounts up and prepares to ride away but Royal shouts out after him.

Royal: This is my damn country, boy.
Vin: Ours too.

JD is all excited over what happened but Vin does not believe it is all over yet, and neither does Buck.

Buck: Men like Royal, they don't walk away from the poker table just 'cause you call them.

Lobo County:

One of Royal's me rides up to an ugly man wearing a battered top hat, eye patch and a tin badge. The marshall is in the process of burning down someone's ranch. Royal is prepared to triple the marshall's pay if he comes immediately, and tells him what the job is about.

Marshall: I will cook and eat the liver of any man that puts a bullet into Chris Larabee before I can do my job.

Josiah goes into Mrs. Potter's store and checks out the suits. The suit is a little short and costs four dollars but Josiah takes it. Mrs. Potter asks if he is courting a young lady but Josiah replies that he just likes to dress up sometimes.

In the meantime, Royal meets Mary on his way out of the bank. He gloats that he has just bought up the mortgage for Nettie's property from the bank for $300. He is planning to call in the loan on Nettie and have her land legally, knowing there is nothing Chris and the others can do about it.

At Nettie's ranch

Vin in a mid-blue shirt, working with Josiah and Nathan help fix the corral fence that Royal's men tore down. Ezra is seated, legs outstretched with his hat hooked over his left foot, and drinking from his silver flask.

Vin: Man never drowned himself in his own sweat, Ezra
Ezra: A gentleman does not debase himself by engaging in menial labor

In private, Nathan manages to extract the story from Josiah concerning his need for the suit -- and learns of Emma Dubonnet and how Josiah had once considered marrying her.

Mary arrives in her buggy; all flustered, and tells Nettie what has happened. When Nettie tells Vin how much she owes, and that she has never even seen that kind of money, Vin turns to Ezra and smiles. Vin tells her that Ezra probably has more than that tucked away in his boot.

Ezra: Which you think I'm going to donate to this wizened crone? No offence, ma'am. Have you taken leave of your senses?
Vin: Give her the three hundred
Nettie: I ain't taking charity
Vin: Won't be charity, ma'am. Give her the money, Ezra.
Ezra: When the sanctified dead rise from their graves to receive judgment I'll start dolling out cash.
Vin: I'll pay you back in an hour

Ezra is now intrigued and sees an opportunity, asking for ten percent interest if paid back in an hour, or twenty percent per day otherwise. Nettie thanks Ezra, but Ezra tells her to thank 'Robin Hood' over there.

By the time Royal arrives to collect the $300 or take the ranch, Vin and the others have gone, leaving only Mary and Nettie. He is most annoyed to be given the $300 and rides off only to find Chris waiting for him on the trail back to his ranch.

Chris: Good day, sir
Royal: What do you want?
Chris: Your money of course

The others appear, ready to deal with Royal and his men. Vin insists that it is not robbery but a donation to the ranch repair fund. A gift. Royal is forced to hand over the $300 to Vin. After Royal rides off, Ezra takes the $300 from Vin and asks for his interest. Vin just gives him an amused smile, shakes his head and walks away.

Emma Dubonnet arrives in town and Josiah calls to her. She calls back but it is obvious to all except Josiah that she has no recognition of him. Later, in the saloon, Buck and JD make fun of him and Josiah gets angry, asking if they want a fight. Buck and JD jump behind the bar for safety.

Next day:

A rider comes into town and goes straight to the sheriff's office where Vin is outside tightening the cinch on his horse. The rider says that someone is burning down Cody Porter's ranch, one of the two remaining pieces of land that Royal would be interested in. Vin, Ezra and Nathan mount up and ride hard.

When they reach Cody Porter's ranch they find Porter hanging from a tree with his hands tied behind his back. Vin tells the others to cut him down while he grabs Porter's legs. As Nathan goes to cut the rope, a shot is fired. A large group of men ride up, led by the ugly brute with an eye patch and wearing a top hat. His name is Marshall Top Hat Bob Spikes.

Spikes: Got a message for Chris Larabee

When Vin asks who the message is from, the man introduces himself, and Nathan asks if he is supposed to be famous. Spikes shouts back, hell, yes, almost in Vin's face, and Vin grimaces.

Vin: Bob, you eat a dead animal?

Spikes leaves his message, to tell Larabee that any dealings with Royal have to go through him, and then he spots Ezra's coat and decides that Royal would want it. When Ezra refuses to hand it over, Spikes strikes him across the face and orders his men to take the coat. In a parting shot, Spikes tells Vin to tell Larabee to think about the last time they met, and that he will rip his eye out next time they do.

Josiah is mooning over Emma Dubonnet, and he spots her through the hotel window. Meantime, JD is throwing his knife when Casey joins in and manages ot annoy and then drive JD away. Buck catches up with her and tells her she is not fooling anyone -- except JD. He tells Casey that she ought to consider combing her hair and wash her face... and asks if she has ever heard of something called 'a dress'.

Vin and Chris are playing cards in the saloon, and drinking beer while Vin relates what Spikes said, but Chris is confused, as he cannot recall the name.

Vin: He ain't one that'll be easy to forget. Kill a man with his breath alone.

There is a shout from outside, with someone bellowing Chris's full name, calling him out for a fight. Chris 'folds' his hand of cards. Vin looks cold-eyed and concerned all at once, his face impassive. He rises and Chris follows him out of the saloon. Vin stands to the side and Buck moves ot his right hand side while Nathan appears between the two of them. Chris walks out onto the street between Vin and Nathan; he is wearing a light gray shirt, hat and his dark jacket.

Chris: Who the hell are you?

Spikes: Damn you, Chris Larabee.You been scared of running into me since we met.
Chris: There's a couple of ladies I'm scared of running into but you're not one of 'em. Well, here I am.

Spikes refuses to draw on Chris until he remembers who he is, and gives him a clue -- rail splitting -- but Chris is still confused. Spikes says he has business elsewhere, and once he leaves, they realise that thae business has to have something to do with Nettie.

Vin rides out to Nettie's place.

Nettie: You been putting in a lot of hours worrying about me. Reckon you got a soft spot for me?

Vin admits that he does but does not tell her much more, except that she reminds him of someone who is now 'gone'.

Spikes rides onto Royal's ranch and greets Guy Royal. He tells him that he has burned out Cody and will burn out the 'old lady' on the next day. When Royal dismisses him, saying they would do business again...

Spikes: I ain't leavin' without Larabee's eye.
Royal: You take care of my business, Marshal, and you are welcome to any part of his anatomy you choose.

It is Saturday in the saloon and most people are gathered as Emma Dubonnet sings 'Beautiful Dreamer'. Afterwards, Josiah goes to speak with her but, despite her responses, it is obvious that she has no recollection of him, and when he asks her if she would still be prepared to marry him, she replies that she is already taken for the evening. She tells Josiah that he would not be able to afford her comapnionship, and then leaves -- with Guy Royal.

Chris and Buck are seated together on the boardwalk, and they start making mooing noises as JD walks by. JD is bristled by the noises, knowing they are making fun of his sudden notice that Casey is a girl. It is then that Chris remembers who Spikes Spikes is.

Chris: Bob Spikes. It was a rail-splitting contest back in Indiana -- I couldn't have been more than about 17 years old. It was a friendly contest. I won... he thought I cheated, threw a punch turned into a brawl. Bob Spikes. That's right.

Chris explains that Spikes lost his eye in that brawl, and probably blames Chris for it. Vin comes up and says he thinks they should take out Spikes before he goes after Nettie, and Chris agrees. They decide to ride straight away for Royal's ranch, knowing they should get there by nightfall.

When JD asks how Chris knows that he can take Spikes, in a gunfight, Chris just smiles.

Nathan asks Josiah if he is coming with them, but it is obvious that Josiah has been drinking heavily. They leave him behind.

They arrive at Royal's ranch and Vin decides that they need a diversion. Buck has a stick of dynamite in his saddlebag, and he and Ezra head off to blow up the bunkhouse.

In the meantime, Josiah has decided that Emma needs saving, and rides out of town towards Royal's.

Ezra strikes a match but, even afer several attempts, they cannot get the fuse to light. Vin is getting impatient, wondering what is taking them so long, and then Josiah rides in, shouting Emma's name,

Nathan: Now, that's a diversion.

Chris and the others manage to overcome the ranch hands and Spike's men while Josiah bellows and goes racing into Royal's ranch house, yelling, 'I'm coming, Emma!'.

Spikes and Chris face off and Spikes asks if Chris remembers him yet. He replies that it was just a friendly contest, but Spikes points to his missing eye and asks him if that looked friendly to him. He wants to finish it, with Chris, and Chris agrees, but instead of a gunfight, they start a fist fight. Chris eventualy gets the upperhand and beats Spikes.

Chris: You're going to stand trial for murder, Bob and you're going to hang like you did Cody Porter.
Spikes: Hang? No. You're going to shoot me. Put a bullet in me.
Chris: Sorry, Bob.
Spikes: For the love of God... don't let me hang. I don't want to hang. Just put a bullet in me.

Vin goes inside Royal's house and discovers that Josiah had already grabbed Royal into a bear hug while Emma cries out, telling him to stop it, and that she does not want to be saved and finally gets through to Josiah that she is just a high paid whore who cannot remmeber him at all.

Vin: It's over, Royal. You'll return all the goods you've stolen and give back the land to those who claim it.
Ezra: In case you decide to shoot him I'd appreciate the restitution of my jacket first.

When Vin asks Josiah if he is coming with them, he turns away from Emma and says yes.


Josiah, Ezra and Nathan help Mary sort through all the 'gifts' Royal has taken from others, trying to identify each piece so that Mary can return them to their true owners.

Vin has escorted Nettie back to her small ranch and he helps her off the wagon. She rightly guesses that the woman she reminds Vin of is Vin's mother, and asks if he is going to tell her about his 'ma'.

Vin: Well, she raised me till I was five and then she got sick. Putrid fever got her. She put up a heck of a fight, though.
Nettie: Sounds like a strong woman.
Vin: Yes, Ma'am, she was. 'Fore she died, she told me "Boy, you're a Tanner. Don't you ever forget that." Even though I was just a little feller those words have echoed in my heart to this day. I reckon I just want to live up to being a Tanner.
Nettie: You do, son. You do.