A Taste For Killing artwork created by Tarlan

A Taste For Killing


Bo Landry
Blaine Stockard III       
Cary Sloan
Tess Kennedy
Elray Phelps
Detective Rutland
Detective Grier
Charlie Swanson
Mary Lou 
Michael Biehn
Jason Bateman
Henry Thomas
Helen Cates
Blue Deckert
Dru Mouser
Woody Watson
Brandon Smith
Harry Melching
Fred Lerner
Renée Zellweger


Blaine and Cary have just graduated and are now considering Law school. Blaine comes from a rich family, and Cary from a lower class but they have been best friends for many years. They decide to take on a summer job on an offshore oil rig. On the boat across they meet Tess Kennedy, Elray (who has a mean streak) and Bo Landry. Bo seems a likeable enough type, though a little unsettling and, later, Tess warns Blaine and Cary about Bo, saying 'they left something out when they put him together'.

The first week or so goes by relatively smoothly with just a few uneasy moments with Bo and another rigger called Elray, but at the end they are granted shore-leave. Once back at the dock, Bo demands a lift from Blaine and Cary. "Why pay when you can ride for free."

On route, they stop for gas and Bo goes into the small store. Without showing any remorse, Bo beats up the attendant and steals whiskey and cigarettes. He walks out briskly and climbs back into car, telling the boys to start driving. They are confused by his seeming urgency, but they did not see the robbery so they still have no real clue to Bo's unstable nature.

Later, Blaine and Cary go into a bar and get into a fight with Elray, who gets the better of them. It is dark outside (Wednesday 02:30 a.m.) when Bo comes to their aid by hitting Elray with 2by4 piece of wood in the corral behind the motel/bar. In doing so, Bo kills Elray. The boys panic, and Bo agrees to hide the body

Bo meets them later and says he needs some money but Cary says NO. Although he is not pleased, Bo backs off this time. Blaine and Cary realize Bo may be a sociopath. Sociopaths are usually intelligent, able to blend into the normal population and hide their sociopathic behavior for the most part. However, Bo lets Blaine know that he has his watch, implying that he need only go to the police and Blaine would be arrested for Elray's death.

Blaine's parents throw a surprise party for Blaine's birthday and Blaine's girlfriend, unwittingly, invites Bo to it in the belief that Bo and Blaine are friends. When Bo turns up, looking very much out of place by the way he is dressed, and yet uncaring of this, Blaine pulls Bo aside and asks him what he really wants. Bo wants $50,000. When Blaine says he has not got that kind of money, Bo tells him to 'sell one of those paintings I saw in the hall'. Bo walks away to rejoin the party guests, leaving Blaine angry and frustrated.

Bo asks for a dance with Caroline and he upsets Blaine by openly caressing Caroline while they dance. In a fit of anger, Blaine stalks up and punches Bo but, instead of retaliating, Bo walks away. Later, Bo brings an old drunk called Charlie Swanson to see Blaine and Cary. Charlie says that he was there and saw who murdered Elray. Right before their eyes, Bo murders Charlie, and then he tells the Boys that he'll get rid of the body for $50,000, otherwise he will pin the murder on them.

Back on the rig. We discover that Bo is a welder, and watch as he makes repairs. He wears a blue bandanna over his hair to protect it from sparks. Cary talks to Blaine and says he is going to the police, but Blaine is scared that they would be implicated and all their future plans ruined. In the meantime, the police siscover Charlie's body and start a murder investigation. Evidence they collect points them to a William Landen, 35 years, 175lb, 6ft 1" brown hair, hazel eyes, aka Billy Landon, wanted in Lousisiana, Mississippi, Alabama.

On the rig, Bo confronts Tess in the shower. He threatens her, lifting her towel with a knife, but she manages to beat him off. In a rage, Bo heads out and is attacked by Blaine, who decides that the only way to save his future is to get rid of Bo. They fight, but Bo is better and stabs Blaine in stomach. Blaine falls to deck below, and Bo goes after Cary. Cary climbs onto crane arm, which Bo swings out over the water. He climbs the crane, still armed with a knife, and reaches Cary. Cary slips onthe crane, managing to prevent a long fall by hanging on by one arm but Bo is close enough to try and kill him. The police arrive in a helicopter, having learned of Bo's whereabouts. One of the police officers aims and shoots Bo in the chest, twice.

Gun shot wounds:

RHS just below breastbone off centre (2 to 3 inches from heart)
Undetermined lower LHS, could have deflected off a rib or even been a graze.

The pain and shock of impact knocks Bo off balance, and he falls into water from great height. He hits the water on his back and the immediate screen shot after shows no sign of Bo in the water.

Tess operates the crane and brings the arm back in, thereby rescuing Cary.

There are no more shots of Bo, in or out of the water, and the film ends with Cary, now back on shore, talking with Tess Kennedy about what happened and his plans for the future.