The Mandalorian artwork created by Tarlan

The Mandalorian 2.05 - Chapter 13: The Jedi


The Mandalorian
Ahsoka Tano
Morgan Elsbeth        
Governor Wing
Village Boy
Village Girl
Pedro Pascal
Rosario Dawson
Michael Biehn
Diana Lee Inosanto
James Croak
Wing T. Chao
Dylan Alvarado
Mai Brunelle


The Mandalorian and the child reach the city of Calodan on the planet of Corvus to meet Ahsoka Tano. However they find that she is fighting the city's magistrate, played by Diana Lee Inosanto. The magistrate asks the Mandalorian to take up a bounty to kill Ahsoka in return for a beskar spear which he accepts. The Mandalorian then sets out from the city into the forest wasteland in search of Ahsoka hoping for some answers to the child's past, the source of the child's powers and potentially handing over the child to his new guardian.