Timebomb artwork created by Tarlan



Eddie Kaye
Dr. Anna Nolmar     
Col. Taylor
Michael Biehn
Patsy Kensit
Tracy Scoggins
Robert Culp
Richard Jordan


After gentle watchmaker, Eddy Kaye, enters a burning building to save a woman and child, his face is seen on the media. Within days, someone is trying to kill him, first by trying to knock him off his bike. As he moves to defend himself, he begins to have flashbacks of another life where he was a trained killer. Desperate to know the truth, he asks help from a client who had brought in a watch to be repaired, Dr. Anna Nolmar, a psychiatrist.

Forced to go on the run with Anna as a hostage, Anna is frightened but soon realizes that Eddie is not psychotic. His memories take them to an abandoned installation where a secret government body had been trying to create supersoldiers by implanting false memories. Eddie realizess that he was a failed experiment, his strong morality breaking the conditioning on his first mission to plant a bomb at a conference. His superiors had assumed he had been killed.

On discovering that the secret organisation was about to bomb another convention, Eddie intervenes and, in a violent showdown with his superior Col. Taylor, manages to stop them.