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Arnold Schwarzenegger - Hollywood Hero
Michael Biehn Interview

This is a transcript from the Arnold Schwarzenegger - Hollywood Hero Interview. Michael Biehn's interview is reproduced here without authorisation but there is no profit being made and no copyright infringement intended. This is purely for the interest and pleasure of fellow Michael Biehn fans who might stumble across this page.

Michael Biehn:


I didn't think it would be a movie people would be talking about twenty years from the time we did it. When I first got the film I was excited about it... and I said to my serious actor friends that I had, you know, joined a film.
Who's in it?
I said Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Anyway, like, Good, Michael, you know, real... that's, that's, that's, that's GREAT. And that was really the kind of the attitude about Arnold at that time.


Arnold's a smart guy, you know, he's a real smart guy. From what I remember, he collaborated with Jim about the shots, the way they were gonna be shot, the way the character was gonna, you know, use certain weapons and I just remember them discussing it like partners as compared to, you know, a director telling the actor what to do... being like a puppet master, or whatever.


The self-deprecating humor that he shows is really his strongest asset as far as I'm concerned, 'cause everybody's going, this guy knows what's going on. He's not taking himself seriously. And that to me is what made Arnold the star as he said, hey, I'm with you, audience. I'm not taking me seriously either. I'm just up here having a good time.


I think the audiences wanted very badly to see it 'cause they enjoyed the first one so much and they were looking forward to a kick-ass, nonstop, action movie rollercoaster ride like they saw the first time.