Art of War artwork created by Tarlan

Art of War - German APK Promotion Tape
Promotion Interview

This is a transcript from the APK promotion tape issued in Germany in October/November 2000. Michael Biehn's interview is reproduced here without authorisation but there is no profit being made and no copyright infringement intended. This is purely for the interest and pleasure of fellow Michael Biehn fans who might stumble across this page.


I play a guy who... gets stuff done. Just... one way or another he's gonna get it done and... erhm... he can be tough. He can be mean. He can be deceptive. He can be... you know... everything that you don't wanna mess with. I mean... you definitely do not want to mess with this guy.


I felt that I would have a chance to be a little bit more outrageous with the character. A little bit more of an extrovert. Have a little bit more fun.


It's the game that makes people like me and Neil Shaw tick. It's the game that we're playing and... erhm... you know... we're doing it for a government who has... you know... political reasons for doing what they do but for us it's... like a chess match and we try to one up each other and... erhm... are enemies and... erhm... that's really where... you know... you get a lot of the Art of War... you know... which comes from the book Art of War... and in trying to subtly take advantage of your opponent.


This has got a lot of intrigue. It's got a lot of suspense. It's got a lot of deception. It's got a lot of subtleties, but it's a really smart story. It's an intelligent... story and I had to read it twice to figure out exactly what was going on in it.