ABC Afterschool Specials - The Terrible Secret artwork created by Tarlan

ABC Afterschool Specials 7.06
The Terrible Secret


Linda Grovenor
Michael Biehn


Aired on Mar 5, 1979. The film starts on a rainy evening where Bobbie is delivering flowers. A bike comes out of nowhere and the van hits the boy, knocking him off his bike. Bobbie takes the boy to hospital but runs away without giving any further details. The police are now after the driver of the 'hit and run' accident. The only description of the driver is vague and implies that they are looking for a young man rather than a girl.

In the meantime, while Bobbie worries over the media reports, her friend Seth has problems of his own. He is on the tennis team with her and gains a scholarship to college. However, another boy on the team misses out on the scholarship because of this. Seth seems extremely upset and later, he reveals that he cheated on his exams so that he would gain the scholarship, believing that the same number of scholarships would be offered as last year. He had not expected to ruin the other boy's life. After making his confession to everyone - and losing his coveted scholarship - Bobbie finds the courage to admit to her crime. Seth goes with her to provide the moral support she needs.

The film ends with Bobbie going to the hospital to visit the boy she knocked over.