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31 Dec Why Didn't I Keep Last Year's Resolution! Gen stories by Winnie:
Magnificent Seven - The Firm AU

Why Didn't I Keep Last Year's Resolution! Poem by Stormm:
Magnificent Seven - Resolutions

Why Didn't I Keep Last Year's Resolution! PG Stories by Tarlan:
Chain of Command - Gigolo
Deep Red - Giving Up
The Ride - Honesty Among Friends
Silver Wolf - Snowbound

28 Dec New HAWAII Screen Captures:
Hawaii 05 - Lost and Found

19 Dec Chris Larabee Archive
Well... it has taken me FOUR MONTHS but all the Chris Larabee stories have now been moved to their new home in the The Magnificent Seven Fan Fiction Archive in: PHOENIX | AO3. I have altered theMagnificent Seven front page to include a link to the new fiction archive and amended all the old pages for stories and indexes to automatically redirect to the new archive.

17 Dec New Stills:
Candid - FAN photo from London Film and Comic Convention
with thanks to James

14 Dec The Magnificent Seven (RNLI AU) PG story by Impamoudara:

13 Dec New ALIENS articles:
Jim Cameron's Aliens (11 pages)
German Video Promotion - Die Ruckkehr (186 Kb)
Japanese Article (190 Kb)
German Magazine Article - Geheim - Die Ruckkehr (6 pages)
German Magazine - Kino - Mutter Courage Im Weltall Aliens (3 pages)
British Newspaper Review - Aliens (168 Kb)

New THE FAN article:
German Article - Der Fanatiker (3 pages)

New NAVY SEALS articles:
German Video Promotion (158 Kb)
German Film Promotion (200 Kb)
German Article - KinoHit (2 pages)
German Article - Mein Gott, Charlie (2 pages)
German Article - Krieg Gegen Terror In Spanien (5 pages)
Mission Impossible (100 Kb)

New THE SEVENTH SIGN articles:
German Magazine Article (2 pages)
German Magazine Article - Das Ende Der Welt Ist Da! (2 pages)
German Magazine Article - Das Siebte Zeichen (2 pages)
Miscellaneous German Magazine Articles (4 pages)
Miscellaneous Japanese Magazine Articles (7 pages)
Japanese Promotion Sheet (2 pages)
Film Neues Programm 8857 - Das Siebte Zeichen (5 pages)

New TERMINATOR articles:
Japanese Article (165 Kb)

New Stills:
Aliens - Still 34
Navy SEALs - Still 39

12 Dec Cherry Falls NC-17 SLASH story by Tarlan:
Debatable Answers xover with Without A Trace.
This story is a sequel to Questionable Truth

28 Nov Hawaii PG-13 stories by Linda:
Sub Down xover with Navy SEALs
The Hit

16 Nov New Stills:
Candid - More FAN London Film and Comic Convention photos

15 Nov Magnificent 7 OW NC-17 SLASH story by Annie:
Just A Tickle (NC-17 - Chris/Vin))

New Stills:
Clcokstoppers - Stills 2 and 3
Clockstoppers - Cast Stills 19 onwards

14 Nov New Stills:
Candid - More FAN London Film and Comic Convention photos
Many thanks to Jill and Susie for letting me share these here
Hawaii - Still 005

13 Nov New articles:
Aliens Comic Book Cover - Newt's Tale (2 pages)
London Film and Comic Convention (6 Nov 2004) - Props (5 pages)
Hawaii - Rogers Cable Edition TV Guide Sep 11-17, 2004 (112 Kb)

New Stills:
Aliens - Still 33
Jade - Cast Stills
Navy SEALs - Stills 31 onwards
Navy SEALs - Cast Stills 4 onwards
Rampage - Stills 12 onwards
Rampage - Cast Stills
Terminator - Stills 40 onwards

07 Nov FRMeport from London Film and Comic Convention (6 Nov 2004)

FOUR Candid Stills from the London Film and Comic Convention (6 Nov 2004):
Still 80
Still 81
Still 82
Still 83

30 Oct New Stills:
The Abyss - Stills 13 onwards
The Abyss - Cast Still 30 - James Cameron
Candid - Stills 67 onwards
Coach - Still 6
Deadly Intentions - Still 7
The Fan - Stills 17 onwards
The Fan - Cast Stills 6 onwards
Terrible Secret - Still 2
Timebomb - Stills 3 onwards
Timebomb - Cast Stills

18 Oct New HAWAII Screen Captures:
Hawaii 04 - Psych Out

New TOMBSTONE Article:
Note: I have changed the background on the Tombstone pages to something less vibrant.
Japanese Movie Program (24 pages)

New K2 Stills:
Stills 23 to 25

17 Oct Hawaii NC-17 SLASH story by Tarlan:
Discretion (Sean/Chris)
Magnificent 7 ATF NC-17 SLASH story by Susie Burton:
The Sweetest Blow (NC-17 - Chris/Vin))

Magnificent 7 artwork by Pywacket:
Larabee - Rock Solid
Tanner - Rock Solid

16 Oct New HAWAII Screen Captures:
Hawaii 03 - Cops 'n' Robbers

15 Oct New HAWAII Articles:
TV Guide Sep 12-18, 2004
People September 65,2004

New HAWAII Screen Captures:
Edaily Premiere 2004
Hawaii 02 - Underground

11 Oct New Article:Navy SEALS Press Kit (7 pages)
Includes -Glossary of Navy SEAL Terms

10 Oct ALIENS PG story by James C: New Life (Hicks/Ripley)

04 Oct New Articles: Aliens - Cinescape Nov 1997
Death and the Maiden (8 pages)
Lights, Cameron, Action (8 pages)
Bald Ambition (7 pages)
Note: the original idea for Alien 3 [page 3]
Now, that would have been worth watching!

Starburst #314 Aug 2004 - Loving the Alien (6 pages)

30 Sep Magnificent 7 ADULT/Slash stories by Lyn:
The Convention (NC-17 - Chris/Vin/Ezra))
The Convention - Day 2 (PG-13)

27 Sep Magnificent 7 SLASH (Chris/Vin) stories by Rita:
Chains of Memory (NC-17)
Fooling Around in Boats (PG-13)

New artwork by PYWACKET:American Dragons - Dragon Fighter

New Articles:
Hawaii - US LA TV Times Aug 29-Sep 4, 2004 (2 pages)
Terminator/Aliens - Dreamwatch #120 (4 pages)

Added anEpisode List for Hawaii, which I will add to from time to time.

22 Sep New Synopsis:Blood of the Hunter

New Stills:
The Abyss - Still 12
The Abyss - Cast Still 29

New Articles:
Aliens - Le Retour French Publicity (2 pages)
Hawaii - US TV Guide Aug 29-Sep 4, 2004 (3 pages)

18 Sep Magnificent 7 ATF NC-17 SLASH story by KETanner:
An Olympic Moment (Chris/Vin)

17 Sep Magnificent 7 The Firm R (Het) story by Winnie:
Shut Up and Kiss Me (Chris/Sarah - FIRM)
Magnificent 7 ATF PG-13 story by Susie Burton:
Connected To You
Magnificent 7 ATF NC-17 SLASH story by Susie Burton:
...And Then To Bed (Chris/Vin) - Sequel to An Early Bath

14 Sep Magnificent 7 Gen poetry by Susie Burton:
The Window to My Soul

13 Sep Magnificent 7 The Firm NC-17 (slash and Het) story by Winnie:
Repercussions (Chris/OMC, Chris/OFC)
Magnificent 7 ATF PG-13 SLASH story by Clara:
Bounty Hunter (Chris/Vin)

11 Sep New Stills:
Aliens - Stills - 28 to 32
Aliens - Cast Stills 6 to 8
Coach - Stills - 4 and 5
Coach - Cast Stills 6 and 7
The Seventh Sign - Still 8
The Seventh Sign - Cast Stills 18 and 19

New Article:
Terminator - Comic Cover Issue #8 March 1992

27 Aug Hawaii GEN story by Tarlan:Karma


I have created an automated archive to eventually hold all the CHRIS LARABEE stories currently held on PHOENIX using code written by a wonderful lady from another fandom -Orodruin.

I have started to upload stories to the new archive BUT, as you can imagine, this task will take me some time to complete. However, I am positive that it will be worth all the time and effort I put into it. The new archive will make it easier for everyone (reader, author and archivist) to be able to access all the amazing stories about one of our favorite characters - CHRIS LARABEE.

22 Aug New Stills:
Candid - Stills 51-66

18 Aug Magnificent 7 NC-17 story by Giselle:Krakatoa (Chris/Vin)

14 Aug Magnificent 7 The Firm PG-13 story by Winnie:Buried Alive
with artwork by PYWACKET

Latest Part - ALIENS (work in progress) PG-13 story by Jude:Torn Apart

11 Aug New Artwork:
Caught By The Past by PYWACKET
The Abyss by TARLAN

11 Aug Magnificent 7 Little Britches PG story by Winnie:Christmas Miracles and Dreams

09 Aug Magnificent 7 NC-17 story by Tarlan:Ebony and Ivory (Chris/Nathan)

New Stills:
K2 - Stills 19 to 22
K2 - Other Cast stills 2 to 5

08 Aug Magnificent 7 NC-17 story by Sue Necessary:Shadows and Storm (Chris/Vin)

New Artwork:
Hearts and Kisses by CAROL - also available asWallpaper
Pain by PYWACKET - with poetry by JACKIE
Windin' Trails - Chris - by PYWACKET - with poetry by JACKIE
Windin' Trails - Vin - by PYWACKET - with poetry by JACKIE

07 Aug New Screen Captures:Crash - aka Breach of Trust

02 Aug New Article:Terminator Japanese Program (28 pages)

01 Aug Magnificent 7 R (Adult) story by Susie Burton:Another Chance (Chris/Mary)
with a collage by Tarlan

24 Ju1 New Articles:
Aliens Comic Book ONE (2 pages)
Aliens Comics (16 pages)

New Stills:
Navy SEALS - Stills 23 to 30
Navy SEALS - Other Cast stills 1 to 3
Terminator - Stills 37 to 39
Terminator - Other Cast stills 1 to 5

23 Ju1 New Part - ALIENS (work in progress) PG-13 story by Jude:Torn Apart - Part 2

New Synopsis:Art of War

18 Ju1 New Screen Captures:Hawaii - Pilot Episode

12 Ju1 New Articles:
Aliens El Regreso - Lobby Sheet (77 Kb)
Asteroid - Starburst #224 April 1997 - The Rocky Horror Show (4 pages)

New Stills:
The Fan - Other Cast stills 1 to 5
The Lords of Discipline - Other Cast stills 1 to 8
The Seventh Sign - Michael Biehn stills 5 to 7
The Seventh Sign - Other Cast stills 1 to 17

11 Ju1 Magnificent 7 NC-17 story by Tarlan:Under The Sun (Chris/Vin - Dark Gift Vampire AU) - with a collage by Tarlan

New Stills:The Magnificent Seven Cast stills 19 to 27

09 Ju1 New Part (2) - ALIENS (work in progress) PG-13 story by Jude:Torn Apart

08 Ju1 New Screen Captures:Hog Wild

08 Ju1 New Artwork:Man of Action - Hawaii by Pywacket

07 Ju1 Links to new Mag7 R and NC-17 fiction
Memento Mori bySue Necessary
Stud Muffin bySusie Burton

07 Ju1 New Stills:Candid - Michael Biehn stills 45 to 50

05 Ju1 New Stills:
Hog Wild - Michael Biehn stills
Hog Wild - Other Cast Member stills

04 Jul ALIENS PG-13 story by Jude:Torn Apart - a work-in-progress
with artwork by Tarlan
23 Jun New Synopsis:ALIENS
19 Jun New Stills:
Deadfall 01
Rampage 11
Terrible Secret 01
13 Jun ALIENS PG-13 story by Tarlan:Darwin's Theory
12 Jun New articles:
The Abyss - Magazine clippings (3 pages)
ALIENS - Video Watchdog #106 May 2004 - Alien Quadrilogy (23 pages)
ALIENS - Japanese Article (107 Kb)
ALIENS - Aliens O Resgate - Brazilian Cinema Special (16 pages)
K2 - Japanese Promotion (120 Kb)
Navy SEALs - Japanese Article (2 pages)
Rampage - Brazilian Article (86 Kb)
Timebomb - Brazilian Video Promotion (154 Kb)
Terminator - DVD Review - Terminator 2 Judgment Day (3 pages)
Terminator - DVD News #23 January 2002 - Cyborg (5 pages)
Terminator - Japanes Article (4 pages)
Terminator - Japanese Article (8 pages)
Terminator - US Magazine Article (2 pages)
11 Jun New still:Candid 44 (86 Kb)
06 Jun MAGNIFICENT SEVEN PG story by Linda:Hunt For Vengeance
MAGNIFICENT SEVEN Fire Brigade AU G-rated story by Linda:An Angel's Touch
30 May New webpage for the upcoming seriesHawaii

New stills for :Art of War - NONE are of Michael Biehn
New article:Art of War - Presskit (4 pages)
29 May THE ABYSS PG story by James C:Goodbye
with artwork by TARLAN

MAGNIFICENT SEVEN Werewolf AU Gen story by KLINGONCAT:A Fraternal Visit
28 May Added more ARTWORK by IRAN - Coach onwards

New for Silver Wolf: Presskit and Gallery

New articles:
Candid - Japanese clippings - circa The Seventh Sign (last 2 pages)
Candid - Japanese magazine photos - numbers 08 to 10
Candid - Japanese Article (2 pages)
Candid - Japanese Article - Michael Biehn (2 pages)
Candid - Japanese Article - About Town (3 pages)
Navy SEALS - Japanese Article (4 pages)
In A Shallow Grave - Japanese Articles (2 pages)
Terminator - Japanese Article (3 pages)
Terminator - Japanese Article (2 pages)
Terminator - Japanese Article (7 pages)
26 May New Stills for:
Adventure Inc - Judson Cross (Still 20 onwards)
Adventure Inc - Other Cast members
25 May New Article for: Magnificent Seven - TV Guide Jan 10-16, 1998
24 May New Screen Captures for:Deep Red
23 May WELCOME to new authorSUSIE BURTON who has allowed me to link to her Magnificent Seven story Sins of the Father
20 May New Article for Rampage - PAL UK Video cover

New Stills for:Coach (3-end)
17 May New Stills for Art of War - unfortunately, none of these are of Michael Biehn
15 May New Screen Captures for:A Fire in the Sky
13 May NewJames At 15 webpage, plus Screen Captures for James At 15
12 May New Stills for The Rock
10 May New Stills:
The Abyss stills 05 to 09
The Abyss - Other cast members - Stills 12 onwards
09 May Magnificent 7 R-rated story by Winnie:Deadly Obsession (Chris/Sarah - Firm AU)
with a beautiful collage by Pywacket

New Article:Cinefantastique Vol 28 No 9 March 1997 - Asteroid (4 pages)

New Stills:
ALIENS still 26 (97 Kb)
ALIENS still 27 (111 Kb)
ALIENS - Other Cast stills
CANDID still 43 (90 Kb)
07 May ALIENS PG story by Tarlan:Lost in Lies
03 May Magnificent 7 NC-17 Slash story by Tarlan:Zenith (Vampire AU C/V)
Magnificent 7 PG-13 story by Winnie:Snow Angels (The Firm AU)
with a beautiful collage by Pywacket
01 May New Articles:
Starlog #106 May 1986 - Life Among The Aliens (5 pages)
Starlog #110 September 1986 - James Cameron's Alien War (4 pages)
Starlog Yearbook #6 1990 - Man on the Edge (4 Pages)
30 Apr New Articles:
Alien Legacy Trading Cards (4 pages)
Cinema No. 11 1986 - Aliens Die Ruckkehr (9 pages)
Candid, lying down wearing yellow shirt (75 Kb)
The Fan - Interview Vol X No.6 1980 (117 Kb)
In A Shallow Grave - Interview April 1988 with James Purdy (105 Kb)
Magnificent Seven Entertainment Weekly Jan 1998 (151 Kb)
Magnificent Seven Premiere Advertisement (99 Kb)

New Stills
Strapped (97 Kb)

29 Apr Added: TWO clips from the film The Terrible Secret

22 Apr Magnificent 7 NC-17 Slash story by Klingoncat:A Winter Stampede (C/V)

New Still:Terminator Still 36 (76 Kb)

20 Apr New Still:The Abyss 04 (56 Kb)

19 Apr New Still:Strapped 02 (86 Kb)

17 Apr New web page forCommand & Conquer - Tiberian Sun linking to:Articles

16 Apr New Stills:
The Fan still 15 (71 Kb)
The Fan publicity still 16 (94 Kb)

14 Apr New web page forABC Afterschool Specials - The Terrible Secret linking to:Screen Captures


New Articles:
Terminator - Roadshow 1991 (174 Kb)
Timebomb - Roadshow 1991 (2 pages)

08 Apr Magnificent 7 (ATF) NC-17 Slash story by KET:A Little Bit of Salsa (C/V)

New web page forDeadly Intentions linking to:
Press Information
SIX stills

07 Apr New Stills:
Adventure Inc - Still 18
Adventure Inc - Still 19

New Article:Strapped - Press Advertisement

04 Apr New Stills (Note: None are of Michael Biehn):
The Abyss - Boxed Press Kit
Tombstone Lobby Cards

New Article:The Abyss - Boxed Press Kit

03 Apr New Synopsis:Magnificent Seven - Inmate 78

02 Apr New Screen Captures: Magnificent Seven 09 - Inmate 78

01 Apr New Screen Captures: Magnificent Seven 03 - Working Girls

29 Mar THREE new pieces of artwork by Carol:
Hey Larabee
MB Brush
Vin Brush

New article:Gossip July 1980 - Michael Biehn (159 Kb)

New Synopsis:
Magnificent Seven - Manhunt
A Taste For Killing

28 Mar Press Information for:Dead Men Can't Dance

27 Mar Magnificent 7 GEN drabble by Anne Tolar: Two Days To Nogales
FRMestructuring and adding new artwork forIRAN
New stills for:Dead Men Can't Dance

18 Mar Magnificent 7 (ATF) NC-17 Slash story by Kimberley: My Heart To Yours (C/V)
with beautiful artwork by Ninheve

15 Mar Magnificent 7 NC-17 Slash story by Tarlan: Prejudice (C/N, C/V)

14 Mar New Screen Captures: Blood of the Hunter

13 Mar New Still:Navy SEALS

New Articles:
Film Monthly Oct 1989 - The Abyss
Films and Filming Nov 1989 - The Undersea World of James Cameron
ALIENS Vs Predator Tip Cards
Starlog Platinum #2 - Heroic Stature - Sigourney Weaver Interview

09 Mar Magnificent 7 GEN drabble by Anne Tolar:Mind Your Own Business
Adventure Inc GEN story by Linda:The Ghost of the Black Rose

08 Mar New Stills:

05 Mar New artwork by CAROL: (Also available as a 800x600 wallpaper)
Behind The Eight Ball
His Weight In Gold

New Stills:
Deep Red

04 Mar New Magnificent Seven Screen Captures: One Day Out West

28 Feb New artwork by CAROL: Let It Rain (Also available as a 800x600 and 1024x768 wallpaper)

27 Feb Magnificent 7 PG-13 story by KET:Kansas (Chris/OFC)

New Candid still

26 Feb New artwork by CAROL: Wish You Were Here (Also available as a 800x600 wallpaper)

Magnificent 7 GEN stories by Anne Tolar:
On Chris and Shopping
What Happened To You? (The AGENCY AU)

24 Feb Magnificent 7 (The Agency) PG drabble by Anne Tolar: Cleaning Up

23 Feb Lots of new artwork by IRAN: Gallery 08 onwards (some of these are also wallpapers)

18 Feb Magnificent 7 PG by Anne Tolar: Rain

16 Feb Magnificent 7 NC-17 Slash stories by KlingonCat:
Discredited 2: The Ride (ATF)
Jeep Tricks (ATF)
Memories and Dreams
Walk Like An... (ATF)
Magnificent 7 PG-13 Slash stories by KlingonCat:
New Year's 1: The Cure (ATF)
New Year's 2: A Naked Snow Angels Revenge (ATF)
O' Chris's Tree
Magnificent 7 PG (GEN) story by KlingonCat:
A New Reason to Celebrate (ATF - VIN STORY)

15 Feb Magnificent 7 NC-17 Slash by Annie: Toeing the Mistle

14 Feb New Articles:
1986 Japanese Magazine Photo (105 Kb)
Japanese Magazine Photo (110 Kb)
Japanese Magazine Poster of Kyle Reese (70 Kb)

09 Feb New article:Crash - Video Poster (2 pages)

06 Feb WELCOME to new MAGNIFICENT SEVEN author and artist - KIMBERLEY

Stories (with artwork) by KIMBERLEY:
Children of the Night (NC-17 Chris/Vin)
A Christmas Wish (NC-17 Chris/Vin)
Full Circle (NC-17 Chris/Vin)
Promises (PG)
Retribution (NC-17 Chris/Vin)

Artwork by KIMBERLEY:
Bound By Duty... Bonded By Love
O Holy Night
Two Souls

New article:Movie 1988 #3 - The Seventh Sign

New still:A Taste For Killing

02 Feb New CHINA ROSE (PG-13) story by TARLAN:No More Mourning

Nathan Jackson - On Freedom's Wings (54 Kb) also available as 1024x768 and 800x600 wallpaper
Chris Larabee and Vin Tanner - Friends (69 Kb)
Chris Larabee - Into This Night I Wander (59 Kb)
Vin Tanner - Your Name - Collage (72 Kb)
Chris Larabee - The Ring of Fire (42 Kb) also available as 800x600 wallpaper

01 Feb New China Rose webpage with links to Stills, Screen Captures and Articles

31 Jan New Magnificent 7 episode synopsis:The Collector

30 Jan New:Adventure Inc still (102 Kb)
Also, I noticed that the gallery page had lost a few links (from 7 onwards !!) so you might like to recheck it at:
Adventure Inc Stills Gallery

29 Jan Magnificent 7 NC-17 Slash (C/V) Links to stories by Ruby J

New:Candid still (89 Kb)

28 Jan New ABYSS (PG) story by JAMES C:Eleven Years Later

Vin Tanner - Free Like The Wind (90 Kb)
Michael Biehn Collage (129 Kb) Also available as Wallpaper

New ART by TARLAN: ALIENS - In Uniform Challenge

27 Jan New on the site today:
The Fan still (103 Kb)
Terminator Series - DVD Review #58 - Rage Against the Machines (9 pages)

26 Jan New POETRY (PG-rated) by TARLAN:Haiku - TV/Films of Michael Biehn

New MAGNIFICENT SEVEN PG-13 and PG rated stories (language and violence) by ANNE TOLAR:
A Prayer for the Seven

25 Jan New MAGNIFICENT SEVEN G-rated story by LINDA:A Christmas Tree

Vin Tanner - Inherited (59 Kb)
Michael Biehn - In Uniform (73 Kb)

New THE RIDE screen captures

20 Jan Added transcript for THE RIDE:Behind the Scenes Interview

20 Jan New ASTEROID screen captures:
Behind the Scenes
Transcript of Interview
Deleted Scene
Added new THE RIDE - Extras - screen captures:
Behind the Scenes

17 Jan New ARTICLES:
Galactic Journal #21 - The Making of Aliens (12 pages)
Hot Dog Nov 2003 #42 - Mother's Pride (10 pages)
Japanese Flysheet for K2 (2 pages)

16 Jan New MAGNIFICENT SEVEN PG story by ANDREA M:Memories

14 Jan WELCOME to new author ANDREA M

New MAGNIFICENT SEVEN NC-17 story by CATTRAINE: First part ofDark Moon 4: Hiding in Plain Sight

New artwork by KATRIN:
Magnificent 7 Collage - Heroes (60 Kb)
Silver Wolf 1 (134 Kb)
Silver Wolf 2 (36 Kb)

13 Jan New artwork by KATRIN:Chris Larabee Collage (140 Kb)

11 Jan New SILVER WOLF G-rated story:Icy Chill of Winter

Dark Angels 4: Sturgis
Dark Moon 1: Full Moon Rising
Dark Moon 2: Armistice Broken
Dark Moon 3: Another Country
White Sheets

New SCREEN CAPTURES for:Conundrum (Frame by Frame)

09 Jan New ALIENS PG story:Can I Dream?

08 Jan WELCOME to new artist KATRIN:KATRIN's artwork

New Still for:Cherry Falls (67 Kb)

06 Jan PHOENIX HAS MOVED It has taken me weeks to prepare but the site is now in its new webspace. Many thanks to everyone who helped with this long process.
I hope you like the new home, which has far more space for the addition of more screen captures :-)

WELCOME to new author CATTRAINE:CATTRAINE's fiction

01 Jan New Stills added for:
Conundrum (101 Kb) (Frame By Frame)
Magnificent Seven Cast Members


It is hard to believe that I created this site in February 2001, and it is still going strong due to the contributions of the many authors and artists who adore Michael Biehn Archive - his many TV and film roles.

I hope you will continue to support and encourage the writers and artists -- remember that they create all of this out of a love for sharing their visions and receive no other payment than to know you have enjoyed their contribution, so please do not feel shy. Please use the email links I have provided to let them know how much you appreciate their work.

I hope that 2004 will be as successful as 2003, and that everyone will enjoy the fiction, art, pictures and sundry that I hope to add as the year goes on.