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This FAN site houses fiction and other works for the many different characters portrayed in films and on television by the actor MICHAEL BIEHN so please COME ON IN and take a look around.


I have no contact with Michael Biehn so if you wish to contact him then I can only suggest trying his OFFICIAL Facebook or Twitter account.

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[Warning: There is ADULT material linked to this site]



The OLD Fiction Archive uses eFiction software. However, that software has not been upgraded in YEARS and has been causing issues due to it being considered unsecure for possible malware attacks by an increasing number of antivirus and malware programs. The fiction archive was constantly under attack by spammers creating SPAM accounts and leaving SPAM in comments so I was forced to restrict access to ONLY AUTHORS so they could still manage their stories.

With all this in mind, I have contacted AO3 and they have agreed to assist me in moving the archive into the Michael Biehn Fiction and Art collection on AO3 as it has FAR better security as well as features for uploading, sharing, reading/downloading stories, searching... and it is being maintained by a permanent bank of staff who LOVE fandom in all its many forms. PLEASE NOTE: authors will still retain the right to amend and/or even remove their stories at any time. I'll update as I move forward.

PLEASE CONTACT ME if you already have stories on AO3 and want to add them to either or both the MB and EC collections on AO3... OR you can simply edit your story to post to the collection - type Michael Biehn or Eric Close in the collection box on the AO3 edit screen. The collection is OPEN and UNMODERATED but I do personally verify that each story meets with the basic submission rules (got to have a Michael Biehn character in a central/pivotal role!) and reserve the right to remove a story from the collection if it does not meet those rules.


Please check out the link above regarding the move of the fiction archive to AO3. This post explains the reasoning and actions that are in progress. If you are an author here, or if you are able to contact an author to let them know what is happening, then please also get in touch with me through the link on the AO3 news post

Michael Biehn Fiction and Art (AO3) | OLD Fiction Archive


I have automated the images/screen captures into a Coppermine Gallery. A few albums are empty at the moment, but if you do come across any broken or incorrect links then please contact me so I can fix them. I do intend to slowly reduce the number of files by combining screen captures into fewer images. Of course that means I might redo some movies/TV shows to see if I can provide cleaner images :)

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No matter how you choose to read or view, I hope you will consider sending feedback to the author/creator. AO3 allows KUDOS and COMMENTS, though I had to suspend COMMENTS on the old archive due to security/spam attacks.

It may encourage writers and artists to create even more for your enjoyment.

PLEASE NOTE: While I am very happy to share all I have on Michael Biehn with you, that does not mean I am happy for people to steal from me or other Michael Biehn fans represented here - whether that be my bandwidth by linking directly to images/art I have provided, or by taking credit for any of the work/pages linked here, including plagiarism. Just remember that we are all fans here, so please be considerate.

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03 Jan 2024:
AO3 contacted regarding the old fanfiction archive. Please contact me if you are an author and have any issues with this

03 Jan 2015:
The move seems to have gone smoothly. Please report any problems to me!

29 Dec 2014:
Moving servers but staying with the amazing WebHostingBuzz

07 Jun 2013:
Finished new Image Gallery